Kyoto Striving To Be Recognised As The World’s Best City for Students

kyoto best student city

The city of Kyoto in Japan has released a new film highlighting its credentials as one of the world’s leading cities for international students. Eleven students from eight countries who are all currently studying in Kyoto, joined together to create the film in order to highlight exactly what makes Kyoto one of the best cities in the world to study in.

Do You Follow Printing Etiquette At University?


We all like to think we are doing our bit for the environment, but when it actually comes down to it are we as green as we think we are. Whether it is buying green fuel, boiling less water of a morning or watching how much paper we go through unnecessarily, there are still lots of things that the UK student can do to up their game.

How To Use Clearing to Change Course at University


Clearing is stressful enough for prospective students, but what about those already at university who are unhappy with their choice and need to use it to change course or institution? Two students who did just that share their experiences and offer their support and advice.

Nearly One in Five Graduates Unsure of Career Path

graduates unsure

Nearly one in five graduates is unsure how to progress their career, reports Graduate Prospects. As more graduate jobs are expected to become available in 2014, a survey by Graduate Prospects shows a disconcerting number of graduates are unsure how to progress their careers.

UK Students Offered Free Four Year Railcard with Santander Current Account

young academic free railcard

The Young Academic quest to find UK students all the offers, freebies and promotions they need to arm themselves for another busy academic year continues in earnest today, with a remarkable promotion from Santander. The bank are offering students who open a new student current account a free 16 to 25 railcard, which could save substantial money on travel over the course of a degree.

Young Academic Guide to Apprenticeships

young academic apprenticeships

Young Academic is completely committed to bringing the nation’s students all they need to know in order to embark on the perfect career path. Whether this be through their University degree, work experience or apprenticeship. As such we have this personal account of a typical apprenticeship from Alison Ryder, a 25 year old Audit Supervisor at Baker Tilly who became a fully qualified accountant in summer 2012.

Earthwatch Event Highlights Youngsters’ Need to Engage With Nature

earthwatch young academic

Engaging children with the environment at a young age is critical to their own well-being, as well as the well-being of the planet, said two world-class scientists at an Earthwatch public lecture last night. Being the national student news service, Young Academic is obviously very interested in this issue, which could be crucial to the development of the future generation of scientists.


RateYourLecturer Looks to Help Students to Find the Best Degree in the UK


As the nation’s national student news service, Young Academic is obviously committed to finding you the very best ways to enhance your university or college experience. As such, we are delighted to bring you news regarding Rate Your Lecturer. This is site that allows you to rate your lecturers on their teaching ability and also comment on your experiences.