Student News : Outlook for graduates not so gloomy say HECSU

Maybe it isn’t all doom and gloom for the nation’s students after all. Further to the news earlier today that the young academics of Europe are the most pro-active demographic, HECSU have stated that recent employment statistics could be misleading. Young Academic can bring you exclusive comments from HESCU Research Director, Charlie Ball.


Student News : Young Academics of Europe more pro-active than older generations

This article really strikes at the heart of the Young Academic ethos as it has been revealed that we are more optimistic, are less likely to support government intervention and have a more positive attitude to EU decision making than the rest of the European population. With much of our recent student news being dominated by the doom and gloom associated with the recession and funding cuts, at least we can rest assured that our attitudes aren’t going unnoticed. Have your say by leaving a comment below and don’t forget to keep sending your articles into us at [email protected]


Student News – TUC to warn against ‘a lost generation’ as Britain fights the recession

The TUC will this weekend warn against losing the current generation of young academics as Britain fights to come back from the worst recession on record. Young Academic has learnt that the organisations’ Assistant General Secretary will stand up for students and graduates across the country when she speaks at the ‘Future That Works’ rally in Manchester on Saturday.

Student News: Real Business Scheme for Enterprising Pupils

In a scheme that saw a multi-national company team up with the UK’s premier exam boards, students all across the country took part in a fantastic project in which they showcased their business skills. Young Academic outlines the ‘Real Business Challenge for Enterprising Students’ and examines which schools and colleges fared the best.