Online Courses Set to Thrive in the UK During 2016

Many universities around the globe are focusing on the importance of the free writing courses online; most of these colleges do not award college credit to the students. With this challenge, other opportunities have emerged that allow students to achieve an award on the college credits. Online sites such as study.com have come up as a result of this niche and such sites offer students hundreds of opportunities for online courses.


The site study.com has a program like English 104 college composition in which video lessons and self-assessment quizzes become sent to registered members, and these helps students to come up with well-organized essays and cited. Some Lessons include written transcripts for the learners that are free. Students are also advised to read other essay samples from other writers so that they can learn about the different writing skills and the approach in regards to writing.


One key advantage of the site is that Individuals are able to take their lessons from this site from their conducive environment. Furthermore it gives learners an opportunity to work at their own level and pace although they do not give all materials for the original course. Another advantage is that students both undergraduate and graduate can download materials that cover topics of their interests and technical papers.


Students can also enjoy a twenty-four-hour accessibility to web based resources including power point presentations, handouts, and podcasts. The material covers a wide variety of areas such as grammar and mechanics and technical writing. Assignments, lecture notes, exams and video presentation are some of the course formats used by this university that offer free writing courses online.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is where available online Non-Credited writing courses are in abundance, and students can download materials on their desired topics. Students are able to do this outside enjoying the environment of their campus. This courses of writing and reading also offers students theoretical knowledge on the development of characters, plotting of short stories and bring out their point of view a. Universities like the Open University has a twelve-hour introductory lesson that is an on start writing lesson that equips the learner with the tools they need to keep what is in their minds on paper . This course is designed to help students to develop their interpretive skills of events as they happened or reported. The knowledge obtained here is used to develop one’s ability to write effectively.


Units such as introduction to novel writing are designed to provide students with analytical skills to develop, organize and to expand their creativity. Writing for kids introduces learners to the genres and styles essential to promote and help them to find the correct age group for their story. It also offers a significant opportunity that enables students to find short stories from their novels, and here they can distinguish between the two types of literary forms.

An imagine showing flash fiction: this norm introduces learners to the theory of the super-short story and its materialization as a mainstream literary trend. Addresses are specified as they show how short-lived experiences or even a life story can be compressed to a snippet or a couple of lines that are written.

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