Kyoto Striving To Be Recognised As The World’s Best City for Students

kyoto best student city
The city of Kyoto in Japan has released a new film highlighting its credentials as one of the world’s leading cities for international students. Eleven students from eight countries who are all currently studying in Kyoto, joined together to create the film in order to highlight exactly what makes Kyoto one of the best cities in the world to study in.

Amongst Kyoto’s offering, the film recognises Kyoto’s hospitality and proximity to mega-cities such as Tokyo.

Kyoto is recognised as a major student city in Japan, with 38 universities and colleges, and 147,000 students accounting for 10% of the city’s total population. There are 6,700 international students from 118 counties studying in the city, a number which has almost doubled since 2002. According to the Best Student Cities Guide 2015, Kyoto has jumped to 34th position, climbing 16 places from the 2014 Guide indicating its great desirability as a learning environment.

Nicolás Guarín, a student in Kyoto said: “This video project was a really fun experience that made me aware of how much I enjoy my life in Kyoto, and how many other foreign students share these feelings towards the city regardless of differences in culture, nationality or age.”

The Mayor of Kyoto, Mr Daisaku Kadokawa, commented: “Kyoto is already known as one of the top tourism destinations, but it is also a place filled with abundant learning opportunities, from cutting-edge research into iPS cells to unique Japanese-oriented study of such topics as Manga or Zen. We will continuously try to promote Kyoto as an attractive student city in collaboration with our international students.”

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