Do You Follow Printing Etiquette At University?

We all like to think we are doing our bit for the environment, but when it actually comes down to it are we as green as we think we are. Whether it is buying green fuel, boiling less water of a morning or watching how much paper we go through unnecessarily, there are still lots of things that the UK student can do to up their game.

One such way is to follow better practices of printing etiquette. We have all been there; in a rush to get our all-important essays or research papers in and we print like crazy in the hope that we can beat the queues and avoid losing marks for late submission, or perhaps we just like to have notes on paper as opposed to digitally. Well, there are several steps you can follow this academic year to ensure you are being print friendly

Pick Up Your Printouts Swiftly

Perhaps the best way of ensuring that you don’t lose your work to the abyss of random scraps found all over the library or classroom, is to pick up your work straight away, this ensures that you won’t have to reprint or spend ages searching for your much needed work.

Only Grab What Is Yours – There is also the tendency to just grab the whole lot from the printer tray and sift through it at your computer at desk. This could well turn out to be unfair on your colleagues and you probably wouldn’t like it if it was the other way around. Why not just collect what is yours at the printer? If you can see some work of someone  you know, why not be a hero and take it to them.

Check for Errors

We all hate it when we are waiting for stuff to print (usually about 10 minutes before deadline) and you get the dreaded flashing green or red lights. This means there is either an ink cartridge or paper issue which needs rectifying. You can always inform the University staff that new ink cartridges or paper is needed, but if you think you can resolve this issue yourself, why not give it a go?  This could well save time for you and your peers. The more reputable brands such as HP or Canon are usually very easy to manoeuvre, and it may just be a case of hitting a simple button or reloading the paper tray.

If you are in charge of the IT equipment at your college or university, there are all sorts of resources online which can help you with your ink cartridge needs. Cartridge Discount for example. who specialise in cheap printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges. Alternatively, you can click here for an excellent guide.

Check Your Settings

Finally, you could check the bulk printer settings on your computer so you are printing on both sides. Not only is this great for the environment, but it means less paper for you to have to deal with and a lighter bag! This is very easy to turn on and has become one of the most popular ways to become a printing hero!

You may think these steps are little over the top, but they are quick and easy wins and will do a lot for reducing the impact your studies are having on the environment. Why not take the challenge on today and be sure to share with your friends and colleagues so we can all make a difference?

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