15 Creative Ways for College Students to Make Money Online

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It is very important for a college student to have the knowledge of making money online while in school. A student is faced with the challenge of managing time between class and homework and therefore he might not find the time for a regular job. In order to earn some extra money and also improve your career, internet has become a crucial tool. Below are some of practical ways of making money while in college.

  1. Stock photography

stock photography

Figure 1: camera (source: http://www.coursesafter12th.in/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/career-in-photography.jpg)

A student especially those in photography courses or those who enjoys taking photos can start selling stock photography to earn some money. You are then paid every time your pictures are used through some websites such as, Istockphoto.com. However you have to have permission when you offer pictures of other people.

  1. Initiate a YouTube channel

This is very preferable for students dealing with communication or those pursuing film courses.  A student with a YouTube channel has a chance of earning extra cash as well as enlarging their collections. This is done by first planning a channel idea, making videos and then partnering with YouTube. YouTube will run advertisement on your videos and you get paid according to the number of views.

  1. Write an EBook


Figure 2: E-book (source: http://dailygenius.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/ebookthumb.jpg)

Utilizing you free time, one can start writing EBooks which is a perfect way of earning extra money and also it can lead to the establishment of a career in freelance writing. You can write about thing that others may be interested in learning or better still you might write a novel. There are websites which will publish and sell your EBooks online.

  1. Freelance writing

A student can get paid to write about different things they like or have knowledge about. This can be done through requesting websites that deals with freelance writing do my papers sites or through blog sites.  These companies usually request that you send a sample before they enroll you.

  1. Sell research papers

Due to the fact that college students engage themselves in a lot of researching and college paper writing, one needs to understand that you can make a lot of money if you sell them using legitimate websites.

  1. Design T-shirts

t shirt

Figure 3: designed T-shirts (source: http://rivalart.com/images-newer/T-SHIRT-DESIGNS-IMAGE.jpg)

This is another way that a graphic design student or any student with knowledge of sketch book can make some money by designing some T-shirts and selling them online through use of appropriate websites.

  1. Sell crafts on Etsy

Etsy.com is a website that can help students especially those in arts to sell things they have personally made in order to earn some extra money. Any student still can make a hobby of making jewelry or decorative items for sale.


Figure 4: crafts (source: http://www.outerbanks.com/img//content/crafting-hero-01.jpg)

  1. Blogging

A student can start a blog with an aim of gaining a large following and then start posting advertisement to make money.

  1. Selling video game accounts

A student can earn money through listing websites if they can quickly level their characters while playing online games.

  1. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Although this is not very popular with many people, Amazon’s mechanical Turk is another tool that can enable a student to earn extra money.  It gives the user a list of Human Intelligent Tasks (HITs) whereby you select and work on one task. After you submit and it is approved, you get paid.

  1. Sell on Amazon or EBay

This is another way you can both make money and organize your space through sale of things you don’t need through these websites

  1. Tutoring

Nowadays, there are websites which offer online tutoring whereby a potential tutor is tested and, after passing the test, they are paired with the children and therefore they start earning.

  1. Micro workers

Microworker.com is a website that enables you to do quick and simple jobs online for people on a fee.

  1. Transcribing

This is ideal for people with high typing speed whereby you listen to audio and/or watch a video and do transcribing for a pay.

  1. Costumer services

customer services

Figure 5: customer care (source: http://apustudentgov.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/customer-service-skills.jpg)

Nowadays many companies are doing online customer services through e-mails and live online chats.  A student can make some money by engaging with the company to be the person answering the questions.


College life is normally challenging to most students because of need for money for fees and upkeep. The article has discussed some of the ways that a student can use to earn money. The increased use of internet has come with many benefits because one working online is assured of a large audience and therefore a great opportunity for making extra money.

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