Cash strapped students sign up to be a Mystery Shopper

Retail Eyes, the UK’s leading specialist in customer experience improvement programmes, has seen a 75% increase in students signing up to become a Mystery Shopper this week, with numbers going from 200 to almost 2,000 in just one day!

This sudden surge suggests that not only has Fresher’s Week left a dent in their funds but also students are on the look out for extra ways to earn cash.

In today’s tough economic climate where people are budgeting even harder, university life is becoming increasingly more difficult to fund with students seeking alternative ways to financially support themselves.

Mystery shopping allows consumers to take part in enjoyable shopping and leisure activities, while earning extra money.  Retail Eyes pays people to go shopping, visit pubs, restaurants and even stay in luxury hotels. The Mystery Shopper simply has to answer a short web-based questionnaire based on their experience. Mystery Shoppers are reimbursed for their purchases and can be paid anything from £5 to £60 for taking part.

Simon Boydell, Marketing Manager for Retail Eyes said: “Students can often find it hard to find jobs to fit in around their studies and that’s why Mystery Shopping can prove to be another source of income. Mystery visits can be carried out when it is suitable to the student with them choosing as many or as little assignments as they want.

“The appeal for students is being able to get paid to go shopping, eat out at a restaurant or stay the night in a hotel; all the things they often cannot afford to do whilst studying. We’re thrilled so many students have registered to become Mystery Shoppers this week and hope that many more will get involved. We do normally notice a rise around this time, but nowhere near as many as we have gained this year!”

Becoming a Mystery Shopper with Retail Eyes is a simple process and most importantly it is completely free to register. The registration process includes completing a questionnaire about yourself and then a short assessment before being accepted for assignments.

To become a mystery shopper visit: www.retaileyes.co.uk

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