How You Can Go Green at University in 2015

go green
It seems that one can hardly go online or pick up a paper these days without being told how we have to reduce our carbon footprint and go green, and rightly so. At work and in the home, this is fairly easy to do with the amount of energy efficient appliances and guides floating around but how can the average student to their bit? Being a fairly liberal lot, many students are pretty dedicated to going green and we have listed some of our favourite ways that you can make sure you are doing all you can for the environment in 2015.

Adhere To Your Waste Disposal Rules

We know, this one sounds like a right moan but it is actually crucial. If everyone adhere to their respective council’s rubbish rules then we would be in a far better situation but thousands of people are still not recycling and using plastic bags etc. Take a look at the literature that is bound to have come through your door and as a household, do your very best to play the game. Waste disposal is more important than you think and as the up and coming generation, students hold the key to the future.

Ditch The Car

Students all across the country tend to do a lot of driving. Whether it is going home to see family and friends or getting to work or even to a faraway campus, you guys drive a lot as a demographic. Why not try to keep that to a minimum by leaving the car at home when you go to University? This could not only turn out to be the ideal way to get your January health kick into action, but will have a great impact on your green footprint. There are fantastic online cycle shops available or you can even drop into see your local bike dealer, giving you a fantastic piece of mind about how you are promoting the environment.

Young Academic has always had green energy and the environment at the heart of our ethos, so we will be publishing lots more tips on how you can get energy efficient throughout 2015. If you have any tips of your own, you can always send your articles into us at [email protected]. Alternatively, keep up to date with all the great education news and features here at Young Academic by following @youngacademic on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.

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