Student News – TUC to warn against ‘a lost generation’ as Britain fights the recession

The TUC will this weekend warn against losing the current generation of young academics as Britain fights to come back from the worst recession on record. Young Academic has learnt that the organisations’ Assistant General Secretary will stand up for students and graduates across the country when she speaks at the ‘Future That Works’ rally in Manchester on Saturday.


Student News: Great competition for budding artists and designers

Young Academic has a fantastic competition for you today, brought to you from proud British company – Stoves. If you are a keen designer or artist and think you could put forward the best logo to symbolise truly British products then you should definitely read on…

Student News: Real Business Scheme for Enterprising Pupils

In a scheme that saw a multi-national company team up with the UK’s premier exam boards, students all across the country took part in a fantastic project in which they showcased their business skills. Young Academic outlines the ‘Real Business Challenge for Enterprising Students’ and examines which schools and colleges fared the best.


Young Academic Student Advice: Keep your computers clean!

Some priceless advice from Young Academic as exam, dissertation and coursework season starts to gather pace. With more and more data being stored on students’ computers these days, the need for effective machines and software has become all the more imperative. Make sure you read this feature from editor Charles Whitworth and computer experts PC Tools on how best to keep your machine clean and healthy…


Young Academic Student News: Month long sit-in at Kent University comes to an end

Some more light hearted news for you to mark the start of the weekend as students occupying a building at the University of Kent have finally ended their month long sit-in protest over education cuts and rises in tuition fees. Young Academic can only heap praise on the dedication of these student who were willing to lose their Christmas breaks and even fast in order to show the government and University officials that they will not lie down. Bravo!


Student Health News: Could this inhaler help combat bullying at school?

Your health is as important whilst at school, college or University as your academic progress. Asthma has long been a major health issue for young people and can have major repercussions on your education. Young Academic has discovered a way for youngsters to combat the affliction without baring the brunt of teasing from their peers…


Young Academic Gap Years: HostelBookers.com lead the way as you embark on your travels

Young Academic start the new year by bringing you some priceless student news regarding your forthcoming Gap Year. As you travel Europe or even the globe, where you stay is of great importance as you endeavour to stay safe and comfortable. HostelBookers.com tick all of Young Academic’s boxes as we try to find you the very best accommodation…