NUS LGBT Prepares to Deliver Equal Marriage Christmas Cards to Downing Street

As Prime Minister David Cameron prepares to announce a time table for equal marriage, the National Union of Students (NUS) is today preparing to take the next steps in their ‘Come Out for Equal Marriage’ campaign. Tomorrow they will deliver thousands of Christmas cards to Downing Street, which contain personal messages to the Prime Minister from those in favour of equal marriage. The news will no doubt go down well with the likes of bigoted idiots such as David Davies, who not only showed his true colours with his recent comments – but also admitted that his last experience of a gay person was when he was punching one in the face in a boxing ring. Incredible….

NUS LGBT will now translate this support into individual lobbying of MPs, as the free vote is officially announced.

Over ten days the campaign, with high-profile backers including Stephen Fry and Caitlin Moran, amassed over 4,000  cards evidencing the strength of public feeling on this matter. As the campaign gathered pace the growing number of cards was communicated to Government offices to a supportive response.

Both NUS LGBT Officers celebrated the success of the card campaign.

Finn McGoldrick, NUS LGBT Officer said:

“We were in touch regularly with Downing Street over the past ten days and were pleased with the positive and encouraging response to our campaign. We are delighted that David Cameron recognises the urgency and absolute necessity of an equal marriage bill, which thousands of people across the UK joined us in calling for, by sending the PM a Christmas card this year with the simple message “make equal marriage happen.”

Sky Yarlett NUS LGBT Officer added:

“We look forward to working with thousands of people again and lobbying MPs to make equal marriage a reality.”

NUS LGBT policy is that churches should not be allowed to opt out of equal marriage and this will become a primary focus of further campaigning.

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