Bournemouth University Students Fined for Having Parties

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Serious student news this morning, as Young Academic can reveal that students from Bournemouth University have been fined for holding parties and supposedly making too much noise. The incidents date back to late last month and the punishments are part of a new disciplinary system at the university.

After complaints from locals totalled over 200, fines ranging between £50 and £75 have been issued. The Poole and Bournemouth environmental health team pass on the complaints by local busybodies and after two warnings per household; the reprimands are put into place.

Chairman of the Winton Forum community group, Anson Westbrook, said of the regime; “Things are definitely improving and the university is trying to do everything possible, but some student behaviour really isn’t good enough.”

One Talbot Village resident in particular reported being woken by a student party, with the raucous noise even filtering through standard windows, double glazing, and even ear plugs.

Bournemouth University actually dealt with 202 complaints and ff those, 159 houses got an initial warning letter.  20 students were interviewed with no further action taken whereas 23 got fines of between £50 and £75. Let us hope that the money made from this autocratic system is put back into education, with the sector clearly needing every penny it can get.

The university went on to state; “We are fully aware of the over-exuberance of students, and will continue to be vigilant.”

So guys, the message seems to be clear. Stop having fun! And, if you are going to do so, make sure you do it quietly especially when you are passing local care homes,  or your increasingly sparse student bank accounts will bear the brunt. To keep up to date with this story and all of your other great education news and student news, make sure you keep logging onto Young Academic – The UK’s Top Student Portal.

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