Big Eco Push Expected for Next Academic Year


Well, the nation may have gone right wing when it came to the general election, but that doesn’t mean that students should forget their left tendencies and forget to do their bit for the environment. With this in mind, many student bodies and Universities are urging students, lecturers and other groups to do all they can to promote the environment during the forthcoming academic year. There are several ways for individuals to support the scheme…

Essentially, it all boils down to the same issues; the ones that even in this modern day of environmental awareness, many academic institutions still neglect. That is of waste. Libraries, seminar rooms, lecture halls and classrooms still waste a great deal of resources – and this impacts the environment. With this in mind, people are being urged to think about absolutely everything they can recycle during the 2015/2016 academic campaign. This doesn’t stop at the usual waste paper basket either.

There are so many things than can be recycled in places such as schools and universities, ranging from unwanted stationery and ink cartridges to plastic bottles and even hardware. The chances are that if you have something you no longer need, then it can be recycled and if in doubt give it a go! You will have a recycling facility just around the corner and the amount of people who just throw these items actually seems to be getting worse, not better!

With students and lecturers alike due to embark on a much needed summer break very soon, there may never have been a better time for your institution to take a look at its recycling protocol and get a new, enhanced system in place in time for next academic year. Not only will this have the obvious positive ramifications for the environment, but you and your organisation will then be able to revel with some serious green/eco bragging rights. Why not take a look around your office, lecture hall or classroom today, Young Academic is willing to bet that you find a plethora of items that you could recycle right away. Go on, give it a go.

Many brands are likely to be embracing this project over the coming months and Cartridge Discount have already offered their support. Let’s start making some serious positive change!

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