Amazing Progress for Skills Hive in Its First Year

skills hive

Skills Hive is a site that can aid students whether they have finished their degrees and looking for work or whether they are looking for extra cash on the side. Young Academic will provide you with the necessary information needed to go use this amazing service to its full potential and really get yourself recognised by potential employers.

Since Skills Hive launched their website in January 2011 the site has seen steady growth and progress. The primary reason for this success is largely down to the fact members can easily converse with each other about social media easily through the site and through their own emails.

With the companies specific target markets being students, new Mums on maternity and over 50’s the websites main and most important features are always easily accessible. The very much liked AddThis tool can always be found next to each members very own URL (Swarm! address). Once members have registered themselves it is easy for everyone to socialise and chat regardless of the subject and what social bracket they may be in.

With financial prospects for all companies, whatever their structure or size may be, being good there is always the possibility of improving revenues, especially for the small firm who may not be able to afford more employees but could benefit that type of growth with in the firm. This site prides itself on many unique selling points for both employees and employers, and this in turn creates many points of conversation.

Mike Orchard, Managing Director of Skills Hive says; “We have built a social brand and we wanted to make it easy for our Hive members to talk about what they have found, share their profiles and invite more people to get involved as workers and hirers. – And nothing creates more of a buzz than a Swarm! ”.

Not only does the site provide future benefits in the form of potential earnings but also in terms of the rewards it can provide. These rewards are for members who introduce new members, for a new potential employee the introducer will receive £5 and for every new employer the introducer will receive anything from £20 to £50.

There is no reason not get involved as it is so easy, these are the reasons why:

– Join the Skills Hive community for free

– Set up a basic profile

– Start to Swarm! Talk and share using AddThis

– Track Swarm! activity in the My Account screen

– Upgrade to get paid

The Skills Hive are constantly looking for ways to improve the services which they offer, as any social brand does, and they strive for as much input from existing members on ways they can improve as they really take on board what their customers say and think about their company. Also with the live conversations taking place in the Hive blog, on Facebook and Twitter a diverse range of topics are always being discussed and this in turn constantly improves the site economy, and therefore helping the site to be constantly improved.

Joining the Swarm! could not be easier, simply go to www.skills-hive.com or for more information on the services provided go to www.skills-hive.com/site/swarm.


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