2 Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Graduation Trip

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After finishing uni you realized you have another lifestyle coming soon, a grown up step; work, a family, an office and bringing money home. But before you start a new life, you want to enjoy one more awesome trip with your uni friends, to remember every experience you had as a student and celebrating that you graduated. If you are ready to have a new adventure here are two tips to keep in mind for your graduation trip.


You are excited about this trip with your uni buds, but you want to make sure you are getting the best of everything. First of all is your destination, sit around, talk and choose the place for your next stop together. After talking if you have a couple places in mind, you can search the variety of activities, food, bars, etc., This will help to make your decision easier. Once you have the place, it’s time to do a deep search, checking out every aspect of your trip; accommodation, flights, restaurants, markets, everything so you can get the best price deals. Also you can have a talk with people that visited the area before; they can give you some advice or recommendations for making it an unforgettable experience. Make a list of activities you will like to do, focusing on places and prices. And don’t forget to read the reviews on different websites; you don’t want to have a bad experience on this trip.


After you’ve searched everything, you saw all your options available, prices, dates, etc. Now it’s time to put everything in order. Starting with the departure date and flight, arrivals to your destination, accommodation, activities to do during your stay, tours, etc.. Take your time to make a schedule, it’s important also to check time of transportation regularly so you don’t miss anything and making it easy to respect the time of each activity. Also keep in mind your luggage to be comfortable and practical, check out Dorothy Perkins  and their deals from Groupon, if there is anything you are missing, they have the best clothes and articles for your trip.

If you are traveling with a couple friends you can split the search and planning duties, if you all collaborate together, at the end you are all going to be happy with the result. Have fun with your friends, take lots of pictures and don’t forget to live every experience to the fullest.

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