£10 off your next Pizza Hut – Just £10! Don’t Be Fooled

Pizza Hut has a quite astonishing scam running at present on their very own website! Every student loves their pizza and the current range of deals look quite enticing at first glance, in fact we could resist them ourselves here at Young Academic HQ!

After ordering our ‘Two-sday’ pizza’s we were promised £10 off our next Pizza Hut pizzas, excellent we thought! Well don’t be fooled guys as this is a clever little scam designed to con you out of £120 a year – most than some students spend on cigarettes or even textbooks!

The following message is shown in predictably small writing at the bottom of the page;

“Provide us with a credit or debit card for your Shopper Discounts & Rewards benefits.

(A valid credit or debit card needs to be registered.) By providing your billing information below, you authorise Shopper Discounts & Rewards to use the information you provide for billing the membership fee of £10 a month until you cancel. Our secure software encrypts your information as you send it to protect you and your privacy. “

Now, we must point out that this ‘deal’ is not directly from Pizza Hut and appears to be the work of ‘Shopper Discounts & Reward Benefits’ so don’t start blaming them on their own. They have however decided to form a partnership with an organisation seemingly hell bent on conning students (and of course the rest of the public) out of what little cash they have.

Again, the deal is not breaking any laws as it does lay out all the terms and condition but it is extremely misleading. Indeed, what is the point in paying £10 in membership to get £10 off a pizza? There may well be other offers available but we certainly couldn’t find them.

So, just a heads up really guys. Grab yourself a tasty free pizza at Pizza Hut every Tuesday, but don’t get bamboozled in the process!

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