How To Make The Most Of Student Discounts

student discounts

Newcastle Upon Tyne plays home to more than 50,000 students every year, between Northumbria University and Newcastle University, and it should hardly come as a surprise, the city was ranked …

How Technology Can Assist In UK Schools


The traditional chalk and blackboard approach is long gone from classrooms across the nation, as education continues to evolve in line with new technologies. In fact, the UK government has …

Advice For Setting Up a Small Business

small business

Seven out of 10 of us have thought about starting our own business. However, often we don’t know how to go about getting started. This article will offer advice on the laws you have to abide by and what documents are required. It will look at several business ideas and start-ups, including dog walking.

How Your Start-Up Needs to Advertise at Christmas

christmas advert

Adverting and marketing is a complex game for any business. Christmas advertising is a whole new level of difficulty. For many, Christmas adverts are a form of entertainment to be scrutinised, whether they’re in the form of TV adverts, printed posters, or billboards. Miss the mark and you risk being labelled as a contributor of a ruined Christmas.