The Most Memorable Sporting Accidents

sporting injuries
Fouls, injuries and a body-slam ruled the headlines in this month’s football action. From Nemanja Matic’s controversial red card and Jose Mourihno’s referee conspiracy rant, to Worcester City full-back Shabir Khan performing a German Suplex on his opposite number – it’s fair to say this was not English football’s finest hour.

For those who didn’t catch the latter, it’s definitely worth digging out the now infamous Vine video, which shows how the bizarre incident unfolds. The wrestling move occurs after Stockport County player Charlie Russell arrives late in to a tackle. Khan’s reaction, hoisting Russell to shoulder height and slamming him to the deck, is unexpected, over-the top and – if we’re honest – hilarious.

sporting injuries

Amidst all this carnage, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the most memorable injuries in sport, including the collision which resulted in Chelsea goalkeeper Peter Cech having to wear his now iconic head protector; ice hockey star Clint Malarchuck, who suffered from a severed artery in his neck and Paula Radcliffe’s collapsed foot. There are also some revealing facts about injuries in sport, and a few words about the importance of having sports insurance before taking to the field.

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