Student News : Funding now available for UKSA Yachting Cadetship training

Young Academic has some great student news for any of you interested in maritime sports such as yachting. The Trinity House bursary will fund young academics looking to get involved in ocean pursuits and are encouraging you guys to enrol as soon as possible.

The youth charity and maritime training provider UKSA is seeking applications from young people to join its Yachting Cadetship training programme under an assisted funded scheme.

Four successful candidates will receive funding from Trinity House, the charity which supports the “future leaders of superyachting”, as part of its Professional Yachtsman Bursary Scheme (PYBS).

Now entering its third year, the Trinity House funded scheme helps young people who need financial support to be able to train and work towards a successful career in the maritime industry.  Deserving young people have 75% of their course fees paid for and also receive a maintenance grant to help them through their studies.

The Yachting Cadetship is a three year programme designed in consultation with the MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) and includes a Foundation Degree in Operational Yacht Science. Cadets train both at UKSA and working aboard some of the world’s largest super-yachts.

Jon Ely, Chief Executive at UKSA, commented: “By combining shore-based training and periods of working afloat, students are able to study to the very highest level and achieve their career goals. We are proud to be able to offer such exciting opportunities and look forward to working closely with successful applicants.”

Funded student Cadet Eve Grisdale, 24, who is in her final year of training, said: “I started my cadetship in 2008 and really love doing this job. You have so many ‘first time’ things; my first voyage, the first time I went to Norway, the first time I saw a frozen sea! I have had so many new experiences that you just don’t get in a nine to five office job and I’m looking forward to qualifying as an officer this year.”

For more information or to apply for the Cadetship and Trinity House funding,  please visit www.uksa.org/trinityhouse or call UKSA on 01983 203034. Applications needed to be submitted by April 30.


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