Sports News: Is this the most dramatic transfer deadline day to date?

Well, we were going to wait until tommorow to bring you all the deadline day transfer news from the Barclays Premier League but with so much going on we couldn’t resist it. As you know, Young Academic brings you all the latest student, entertainment, sports and current affair stories so read the following report on a hectic day in the UK transfer market.

With the global recession, lack of jobs and the rising number of football clubs going into administration one would think that the January transfer window would be somewhat quiet. Last year’s window was certainly pretty lacklustre due to the aformentioned factors  but with five hours to go, things are going a bit crazy!

We will bring you an exclusive Young Academic round up of all the major transfers tomorrow but in the meantime, let us update you on the possibilities.

The Fernando Torres situation has gone ominously quiet with no official news coming from Chelsea or Liverpool since early on Sunday. Liverpool have rejected the Spaniard’s transfer request and derisory £35 million bid but the player obviously wants to go the blues. Time is running out if Mr Abramrovic wishes to find Drogba a decent strike partner.

Liverpool have been equally as ambitious themselves following manager Kenny Dalglish’s praise of the board and their willingness to back the team financially. The Scot has insisted that any signings are to enhance the squad and are not being sought as replacements. With that in mind, the club have had a bid of £35 million accepted for England’s brightest attacking prospect, Andy Carroll.

Charlie Adam is also believed to be on his way to Anfield to discuss terms following a protracted transfer saga in which he nearly ended up at Old Trafford.

Sanli Tuncay has left Stoke City and heads to team up with Steve McLaren at German outfit, Wolfsburg. Stoke, usually busy in this period have ruled out a move for Ab Faye who was poised to join Celtic.

So, depending on how tonight pans out Liverpool could end up with a formidable attacking line-up of Torres, Carroll and Suarez with Gerrard and Adam behind them. If the bookies are to believed however, Torres will be London bound. But who knows..

Other issues include Spurs’ late bid for Diego Forlan, a loan move to Derby for Dani Ayala, Daniel Sturridge mulling a loan move to Bolton Wanderers and Steven Ireland’s proposed move to the Toon collapsing.

Phew! There are loads more transfers (and non transfers) to go through but we will wait for the curtain to come down and give you a full run down tommorow. A lot can change in five hours!

So, make sure you come back to Young Academic, the UK’s premier student news portal bright and early!

Report by Charles Whitworth

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