Rock Climbing: Simple Tips On What To Wear And What Not To

rock climbing

Many a times, people are confused on what to wear when they go for rock climbing. In very simple terms, the answer for the above query is to wear whatever you are comfortable in. Most of the time, people decide their clothing carefully before getting started on the adventure.

When it comes to clothing and climbing, there are two co-related factors.

  • Weather: What type of climate do the place have? Will it rain? Is it hot out there?
  • Climbing place: Is the place smooth or coarse? Are you attempting a face climb or crack climb?

When it comes to climbing, you need to wear clothes that are flexible, durable, versatile and functional. The rock surfaces are coarse with crystal edges, so they can easily tear off lightweight clothes. So be prepared to get your clothes ripped off on the mountains. If you are crack climbing, chances are there that you will easily rip your knees and your trouser seats, when you try to jam into the wide cracks.

Go for loose fitting and baggy clothes

When it comes to rock climbing, mobility is something that you need to look out for. So having a tight pair of pants may turn out to be disastrous, when you are traversing, stemming and high-stepping. Most probably you’ll get all that at a very high cost high cost so you should use some quiksilver vouchers for extra saving.

The clothes that you wear during climbing should allow you to move and bend without any restrictions and so for the same reason, loose fitting and baggy clothes are best for the activity.

Wear suitable dress in the summer

When it comes to summer, you need to have the right kind of clothes to stay cool. Synthetic clothes that are light in weight can be considered as a good option. Try to opt for loose synthetic clothes as they will be good and will protect you from the sun. If you get caught in a rain storm or get wet with sweat, you will get easily dried up with synthetic clothes. Many climbers prefer to wear cotton clothes, but it takes much time to get dried up. Another thing that you need to take care of is that to wear light colored clothes compared to dark shades, as they help to reflect light and heat.

Clothes for summer climbing

When it comes to climbing, most of the people prefer to wear a mid- calf length pants like capris or a pair of shorts; tank top or sports bra, loose shirt and a cap to protect face from sun. You can even carry some clothes with you like a rain jacket, long sleeved top and a pair of lightweight pants to face those colder climates. It is better to carry some extra clothes that you can wear when you get wet. How much clothes you can carry is a trick.

Warm clothes for cool weather

When it comes to climbing in cool weather, you need to carry a number of warm clothes with you apart from wearing some. In the mountain regions, weather changes quickly and so you need to get prepared for the worst situation. You need to have the clothes that will protect you from the wind, snow and rain. Many of the cloth manufacturers sells clothes like jackets, pants and base layers which can be worn during such situation. If you want to strike better deal for these clothes, go for voucher code as you will be able to save much on different outdoor clothing.

Go for layers in winter

When it comes to climbing, check out weather before you start up. You need to know about the current temperature and the kind of the temperature that will be there in the coming hours. Pack up a number of clothes as well as wear clothes in layers. In case the temperature gets warm, you can shed them or keep on adding, if the temperature falls down. Wear a base layer that is lightweight and breathable, and wicks moisture. Wear synthetic clothes made from polypropelene or nylon. Wear a middle layer that works as an insulator and is warm. You can use the garments that are made from wood, pile or fleece to keep yourself warm. Then comes the outer layer which you need to protect yourself from weather outside. Use a waterproof jacket so as to protect yourself from the snow and rains.

Say not to cotton

Cotton clothes should be avoided during the cold weather. Cotton has the property to absorb moisture and so you can easily get wet in cotton. Apart from that, it absorbs body heat once it gets wet and so body temperature falls down. Cotton is very slow in drying and so you will be left with a basic wet layer on your body. So it is better to wear cotton during the summer season, while you are on rock climbing.

Hope the above mentioned tips will help you out when you will gear up for rock climbing next time.

image credit: flickr (Cristian Bortes)

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