Name That Sports Ground: Interactive Quiz

name that sports ground
With the 2nd Ashes Test starting this morning, we thought it was the perfect time to bring you some more light hearted features after a solid week of course guides and study advice. With this in mind, we have a fantastic piece of interactive content, brought to you from our friends at Compost Direct!

If you think you know your UK sports venues then why not have a go at this tricky quiz, which will surely test the grey matter of even the nerdiest of sports fans.

Name That Sports Ground!

Cricket, Horseracing, NFL, Football, Tennis, Olympics, and Baseball, so you will need to have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of a wide array of sports to get a good score. We have a go here at Young Academic HQ and only managed a measly 5/10, so make sure you get sharing your scores on social media and let us know how you get on!

Budding Sports Writer?

We would also be very interested to hear what any of you guys studying sports journalism or a related degree think of the summer so far! If you have been particularly enjoying the transfer window, surely dominated so far by big spending Liverpool and the protracted Raheem Sterling saga, or maybe you have been more enthralled by the Ashes series so far? You could be a tennis fan and have something you want to say about yet another Novak Djokovic dominated Wimbledon Championships



If you have some views you want to see online then all you need to do is write a high quality article and send it in to us at [email protected].

Stay In Touch With Young Academic

Make sure you let us know how you get in in the Compost Direct “Name That Sports Ground” quiz and we will be back in due course with more study and course guides to help you get prepared for the new academic year. It will be here in no time and we are very excited for everything it may have in store for students across the UK.

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