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Angel Di Maria’s Absence Has Saved Man Utd


It somehow already feels like it’s been an eternity since Angel di Maria joined PSG on a £44.3 million deal from Manchester United. The enigmatic but undeniably talented midfielder was a prized acquisition for the Paris side, and ultimately represented their biggest move of the summer heading into league play.

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Name That Sports Ground: Interactive Quiz


With the 2nd Ashes Test starting this morning, we thought it was the perfect time to bring you some more light hearted features after a solid week of course guides and study advice. With this in mind, we have a fantastic piece of interactive content, brought to you from our friends at Compost Direct!

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Arsenal Are Chelsea’s Biggest Threat


It’s become common practice in the past month or so to assume, more or less, that the Premier League race has already ended. The EPL standings currently show Chelsea with only a five-point lead on second place Manchester City (and a nine-point edge over Arsenal).

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