The Young Academic Album of the Year Award 2014

We are delighted to announce the inaugural Young Academic Album Of The Year Award, which will be revealed the week before Christmas, right here on the site. This prize, which is sure to become prestigious and at the top of any band’s wish list in coming years, is pure kudos. That’s right, we’re not even going to give the winning band a cheap and nasty trophy, but they will have serious bragging rights to use backstage, on tour or perhaps over a Chinese with their spouse. Good times.

So how will the YAYA’s work? Well, unlike the more coveted awards such as the Mercurys or such like, these awards take very little into consideration. No votes from musical peers, promoters or respected music publications. Oh no, we have seen what happens when you do that and you end up with artists like Speech Debelle taking titles. Nope, we basically decide our favourite albums of the year, then around Christmas we will all get terribly pissed in Manchester and then I will make the decision myself post-Abdul kebab. This is surely the only way to guarantee a deserved victor to take home the very first YAYA.


YAYA Submissions Welcome…

Between now and the forthcoming period of yuletide joy, we will be publishing regular ‘Album of 2014’ reviews, all of which will be considered for the title in late December and this is where things do get a little democratic. As with any section of the Young Academic site, we welcome suggestions and indeed, actual articles from you guys. So, if there is an album that you think deserves to win the first ever YAYA, then please send a review to us at the usual [email protected] email address. All of these will be carefully analysed and considered when the final decision is made. It doesn’t matter if it is Indie, Hip-Hop, Norwegian Death Metal or that dude who plays the panpipes on Market Street, get your suggestions in.

Entry Now Open…

These reviews will be starting with immediate effect and we will also be asking for suggestions for the best gigs you have seen in 2014, including festival sets; so get thinking.

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