Caribou, Joy Orbison & Moodymann Contribute to Classic Warehouse Weekend

Young Academic has had its fair share of Warehouse Project events but with the club night returning to its spiritual home and the promise of a night curated by Kieran Hebden, this one we were excited for.  Helped out of course by the heavyweight line-up, some VIP tickets courtesy of our friends at Russian Standard Vodka and Caribou and Four Tet no less, we queued as excitement bubbled through the crowds.  The arches of Store Street were a welcomed throwback, trudging through Trafford Park now seems a distant memory.

As soon as we stepped in, the atmosphere hit us and it became all too apparent that we weren’t the only ones looking forward to seeing Four Tet, Caribou and James Holden all in one night.  And that’s not all that was in store either as we explored the hidden rooms within the many arches in the car park space beneath Piccadilly.

As people packed into the main room, we waited for Four Tet to come on stage.  As he stepped out, he’s greeted with a roar from the crowd who are so close together that they can hardly even dance.  It’s more moshpit than dancefloor but that doesn’t stop people from beaming as they bob up and down to the sounds of There is Love In You.


As if the crowd couldn’t get any rowdier, Caribou comes on and somehow the bar is raised again.  The crowd roars to the likes of Odessa and Can’t Do Without You, dancing to the spine-tingling sounds that Caribou is recognised for.  And then Sun comes on and the crowds are mesmerised, not able to help themselves but sing along, lost in the noise that fills the room.

caribouThe obvious excitement stuck around all night until the last beat played.  Following James Holden, the lights turn on and the roars turn to murmurs as people begin to shuffle out, but there’s no trouble and everyone is still in high spirits.  The same high spirits that we would be greeted within again the following night, when Young Academic would return to see Moodymann…

As we arrived at Store Street on the Saturday evening, it was obvious that we would be met with the same anticipation as we had the night before.  The event, like Kieran Hebden’s curated evening, had sold out within a week of going online.


Tonight’s line up offered a little bit of everything from soul to techno sounds.  As we waited on Moodymann, we made our way to room 2 where Underground Paris warmed up the crowd, all nodding their heads to his smooth jazzy beats

As midnight struck, Moodymann made his way on to the stage and filled a two hour set with soul and hip hop that we couldn’t help but groove too.  The room was as packed out as it had been the night before for Caribou but it was a different crowd.

Joy Orbison followed and played a set that many dubbed the best of the night.  Still the crowds bopped along as the clock continued to tick and for those who stuck around until the end, Nina Kraviz filled the room with heavy techno beats.

cairbouThe two nights only proved how fresh the Warehouse Project still is, revamped and back in its beloved Store Street venue until the end of 2014.  There’s no bleary eyed, semi-naked dancers that you find at other club nights around the city.  And that’s what we love about being back at Store Street.  Until next time…

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