A$AP Mob & Bipolar Sunshine Put On a Tuesday to Remember at Warehouse Project

asap rocky at whp
Tuesdays are synonymous with a few things these days. Champions League football, 2 for Tuesdays at Dominos, Eastenders and in Manchester, Factory’s ever popular student night Distrikt. One thing they have never really been famous for is Warehouse Projects, especially nights involving some of the most exciting acts around. With this in mind, last Tuesday’s array of talent was just too good to resist, school night or not and marked the start of three incredible Warehouse Project nights in five days for Young Academic.

Tuesday saw the unlikely but rather genius combination of Bipolar Sunshine and A$AP Rocky take to the Warehouse Project stage on a night that saw just the one room open to the public. This set the scene for a remarkable atmosphere at Store Street and one that was full of excitement. Dedicated fans had travelled from across the country to see both the acts in Manchester and were extremely vocal in their support for both acts.

bipolar sunshineBipolar Sunshine…

The support of Bipolar Sunshine, Manchester based and very much on the lips of those within the cities music scene, seemed a peculiar choice for many given the differing styles to their New York counterparts but it was a decision which yielded some great results. The set warmed the crowd fantastically and Adio Marchant showed great enthusiasm on the stage, something that was evidently appreciated by the punters. With just a handful of EP’s to his name at present, the former Kid British vocalist produced a vibrant and energetic set and when the infectious Deckchairs on the Moon concluded the performance, the stage was set for the remainder of an incredible evening.

Then came the moment everyone had been waiting for, the emergence of A$AP Mob and they were received a rapturous welcome as the Store Street faithful erupted.  The Harlem collective wasted no time in blasting our anthems and the room turned into a frenetic mix of rapping, jumping, dancing and gleeful faces as Warehouse Project surely enjoyed its biggest and best Tuesday night ever.

A$AP MOB…asap mob whp2

It didn’t take long for the Mob to make their way through tunes such as Trillmatic, Xscape, and Hella Hoes and the vibe in the venue was a joy to behold as well as being remarkably chilled for a hip hop gig. Whether it was the fact that many of the revellers present had one eye on the morning or the great ambience that had been created by A$AP Mob and Bipolar Sunshine, who knows. But either way it was a fantastic advert for this latest chapter of Warehouse Project and for all the artists involved with the event. Take a look of our video below, apologies for the sound quality but you get the idea!

There’s more where this came from folks, be sure to come back to Young Academic tomorrow to read our review of a remarkable weekend at Warehouse Project, with Caribou, Joy Orbison and Moodyman all featured!

[youtube id=”AWIyoGRXcXA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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