The Maccabees Release Given to the Wild Short Video Prior to Album Release

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A little treat for Young Academic readers this afternoon, well it is the first of December after all. Today we have an intriguing video from The Maccabees, Young Academic was at their recent gig in Liverpool and the new album is set to be a real treat.

The band’s new album ‘Given to the Wild’ will be released in early January and the few of the tracks can be heard right now on YouTube.

The follow-up album to the excellent Wall of Arms mixes the band’s now trademark indie style with some more experimental riffs and techniques and we just cant wait for the new year so we can get our hands on some brand new Maccabees tracks. The video on the homepage has the same name of the album is released through Polydor.

This is brand new and features many audio sections cut from the forthcoming album, as well as some stunning photography. It’s over eight minutes long but we reckon its pretty provovative and have watched it a fair few times now. Check it out for yourselves and let us know what you think!

Prior to the release of Given To The Wild will be a single by the name of ‘Pelican’, which comes out just after New Year’s Day. Fancy yourself as a bit of a music writer? Why not send in your music reviews and articles to [email protected]?

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