Hot Stuff – Bloc Party Raise the Roof in the Heat at Their Warehouse Project Debut

warehouse project

A venue famed for its electric and house music, we were apprehensive about what to expect from last Friday night: Warehouse Project Curated by Bloc Party.  Since opening near Old Trafford, Young Academic has seen the likes of Nicolas Jaar and Sbtrkt so far this year but could a live act like Bloc Party stand up to what others had offered?

Surrounded by breezeblocks, the venue seemed somewhat fitting for the band.  Hundreds of people shuffled around waiting for the imminent, lasers beaming across eager faces.  Much has changed in the music industry since Bloc Party first hailed and it shows.

When the band first burst on to the scene, skinny jean, converse wearing, floppy haired teens flocked to watch.  On Friday night, all walks of life arrived at the warehouse to taste what the band had on offer, to dance the night away to the likes of Bloc Party classic ‘This Modern Love’ and newbie ‘Kettling’.

It has been three years since we heard a peep from Bloc Party so there’s worry that the band won’t click but from the moment they step on stage, you can tell they’re as strong as ever.

warehouse projectIt’s past midnight before Bloc Party arrive on stage but as soon as they do, the crowd erupts.  The show opens with ‘Octopus’ – the first single from their latest album, Four.  For most the crowd, the singles from Four seem to go without much attention but Bloc Party’s ability to take the crowd with them is clear as they move through to the classics.

The infectious jerks of ‘Positive Tension’ and ‘Flux’ get the crowd excited, the atmosphere is electric and hundreds of people are enjoying this special moment together.  Rounding the night up nicely, Bloc Party finish with ‘Helicopter’.  This song doesn’t allow for voluntary participation, instead Warehouse Project goers are captivated and mesmerised as they sing and dance along to a song which aided their explosion on to the scene in 2005.

Apprehension aside, Bloc Party’s reunion was a delight, taking the crowd on a musical journey of sound and noise, straddling the border between indie and electro.  Welcome back.

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