Desolat Celebrate Their 5th Anniversary with Special Edition of Annual Label Sampler

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As we fast approach the end of 2012, Desolat announce the release of their annual sampler. Due for release in Feb 2013 this edition not only sees artists from the Desolat family turn in exclusive tracks, but also sees Loco Dice supply a mix packed with the brand new productions from the 2×12”, plus a few special extras.

It has been another successful year for the Desolat camp. An impressive release schedule that included DJ Sneak, Basti Grub, Aldo Cadiz, Francisco Allendes & Paola Poletto, and Shlomi Aber all putting out killer releases. As always, the annual sampler sees those artists at the core of the Desolat camp turn in exclusive tracks, and the 5th year anniversary edition delivers a selection for the landmark year.

Loco Dice’s “Lolopopinho” picks up where his recent “Toxic” EP left off: a groovy energetic whirlwind production that takes the listener on a head spinning journey into the recesses of the label bosses club-orientated mind. Shlomi Aber’s “Mancha” features a sublime bouncing bassline, whilst Yaya weighs in with a track that nods to a fantastically bright future.

The latest talent to emerge from the highly respected Romanian scene is Horatio. His track “How Much 909 Can You Take?” serves up a warbling aural assault that will easily get feet stomping. Lucero en Vivo’s “La France” first surfaced in 2010 when it caused a stir on Dice’s Amnesia Ibiza Underground 10mix CD. A welcome addition to the sampler and finally getting the full release it deserves! The young blood of Desolat is rounded of by Alexkid’s ethereal “Enty” which provides some moodiness to proceedings.

And of course the mainstays of the label have also turned in impressive productions. Hector’s “Amorphous Mass” displays the dark depths of the Desolat vaults, whilst the first lady of Desolat tINI turns in a warm intricate release in “Room 305”

And as if that was not enough, all of these tracks feature on the special addition mix from Loco Dice, and will be available for individual download. The mix also comprises an additional seven exclusive tracks from the likes of Basti Grub, Alli Borem, Francisco Allendes, Premiesku, Alli Borem, Benny Rodrigues and Desolat favourite Guti. The mix highlights the consistent musical thread that runs through much of Desolat’s output, and is compiled with Dice’s signature sound.



A1 – Loco Dice – “Lolopopinho”

A2 – Shlomi Aber – “Mancha”

B1 – Yaya – “Our Connection”

B2 – Horatio – “How Much 909 Can You Take?”

C1 – tINI – “Room 305”

C2 – Hector – “Amorphous Mass”

D1 – Lucero en Vivo – “La France”

D2 – Alexkid – “Enty”


01 – Alexkid – “Enty”

02 – Yaya – “Our Connection”

03 – tINI – “Room 305”

04 – Loco Dice – “Lolopopinho”

05 – Hector – “Amorphous Mass”

06 – Basti Grub – “Drunk & High”

07 – Guti – “Caballero”

08 – Francisco Allendes – “Platonic Solid”

09 – Dragosh – “Vorbeseara”

10 – Shlomi Aber – “Mancha”

11 – Premiesku – “Capture”

12 – Alli Borem – “Raving The Days”

13 – Benny Rodrigues – “Klippenklappen”

14 – Horatio – “How Much 909 Can You Take”

15 – Lucero en Vivio – “La France”

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