For most people the word “cheating” conjures up sexual infidelity. However, according to one of the latest studies, this word means different things to men and women. While men see only sex behind it, women usually imagine an emotional affair at once. Relationship experts from have decided to figure out which type of cheating is more pernicious to a relationship.

Sexual Cheating

Although this kind of cheating is easier for women to handle, it has a detrimental effect on relationships. A woman will constantly ask herself (if she will not break up with a man once she knows the truth) what is wrong with her that she can’t satisfy her man in bed. In most cases, a woman will feel embarrassed and offended and decide not to have sex with her partner at all. It will only make him want to cheat again and ultimately they will end up breaking up.
Usually, sexual cheating has a format of a one-night stand. Men do it just because they yield to temptation or they just want to diversify their sexual life. At the same time, they stay emotionally connected to their spouse or girlfriend.

Emotional Cheating

Women consider sexual infidelity of their partners to be the lesser of two evils. It’s more hurting for a woman to know that her boyfriend or husband has a strong emotional connection with another woman. Her concerns are not groundless since it’s not a rarity that people enjoying each other’s company will get attracted sexually sooner or later. It’s easier for a woman to forgive a physical betrayal because deep down she can understand man’s nature. What is unbearable for her is to put up with his emotional attraction to some woman. To give you a clearer idea of this kind of cheating, here are some examples.

A woman starts suspecting his partner in emotional unfaithfulness if she knows he has a female colleague with whom he often hangs out during lunch breaks. They have similar interests and views so they always have a good time talking to each other. They don’t restrict themselves to talking shop and often share their thoughts and views on some aspects of their lives.
A man on his part starts feeling guilty for spending so much time with another woman and discussing with her personal matters. Deep down, he realizes that she means to him more than she is supposed to. This is the trickiest part because if the man’s heart doesn’t entirely belong to his partner, the relationship is under threat.

Online cheating is another example of emotional infidelity. A woman starts to notice that her spouse spends a great deal of his quality time on the Internet. He corresponds with a particular person, a woman, whom he has never seen in real life but he feels so connected to her that he can’t wait to communicate with her when he has some free time.

It is painful for a woman to know that her boyfriend or husband is interested in another woman more than he is in her. Women are drawn to men mainly emotionally; physical attraction plays a secondary role. That is why when a man cheats on her emotionally rather than physically, she considers it a real betrayal.

It’s very difficult to say which type of cheating is worse. Both of them indicate that a relationship is going through a tough period. If a woman feels that her partner is gradually drifting away from her, she should become interesting for him again. If a man doesn’t feel satisfied, he should rekindle the flame of passion between him and his partner. If he had cheated on her and she found out about it but forgave him, he should know that if he cheats again, their relationship is doomed.


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