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Could Plants Be Crucial to Academic Success?


Educational establishments are constantly under pressure to perform. Schools are continually striving for better results, but, while primary schools appear to be performing well, Ofsted has warned that the progress of secondary education has ‘stalled’.

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Kyoto Striving To Be Recognised As The World’s Best City for Students


The city of Kyoto in Japan has released a new film highlighting its credentials as one of the world’s leading cities for international students. Eleven students from eight countries who are all currently studying in Kyoto, joined together to create the film in order to highlight exactly what makes Kyoto one of the best cities in the world to study in.

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Do You Follow Printing Etiquette At University?


We all like to think we are doing our bit for the environment, but when it actually comes down to it are we as green as we think we are. Whether it is buying green fuel, boiling less water of a morning or watching how much paper we go through unnecessarily, there are still lots of things that the UK student can do to up their game.

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