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Google Maps Just One of the Mediums Used to Portray the Violence of the London Riots


Since the London riots started late on Saturday night, journalists, reporters and bloggers across the country have been using a plethora of media tools to share their thoughts on what has been a gruelling three days for the country’s capital. Young Academic has been careful to ensure that we continue to bring you all the usual student news and education news that you know and love but we feel that the efforts of a blogger by the name of James Cridland deserve a mention.

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iPhone 5 or iPad 3 – The Latest Student Dilemma


As the academic year fast approaches, students across the United Kingdom will be starting to get kitted out. Freshers will be out buying their first kettles, bedding and microwaves and older students will no doubt be arranging their digs and stocking up for a fortnight of boozing. A big dilemma for students out there keen on their technology may however be the choice between two of Apple’s forthcoming gadgets – the iPhone 5 or the iPad 3? In the latest student news colums, Charles Whitworth explores which device will reign supreme.