Young Academic Student News: Kewlmates launch a social networking site with a difference

We know how much you guys love your social networking. With that in mind, Young Academic has learnt of a novel new platform that may well challenge the big boys in the future. The great news for students nationwide is that by enrolling with these guys you could even earn yourself some much needed beer money.

Stand aside Facebook, Twitter and Bebo because now there’s a new kid on the social networking block. Kewlmates (pronounced “cool-mates”) launched its new social community site this week and promises to offer something quite different to its competitors. This site gives students the ability to raise funds, earn money and enjoy valuable rewards.

Kewlmates is operated by Kewlpost.com Ltd, a UK based non-profit company and has been set up primarily as a space for friends to gather, discuss issues and share multimedia and experiences. Much like Young Academic – this great new site is aiming to provide you a comprehensive platform on which you can discuss all your student, social and personal issue. We are proud to say that we will be working collaboratively to give the academics of today and tomorrow a revolutionary new social networking experience.

Those using Kewlmates can enjoy some great standard features free of charge or choose to take advantage of a low-cost upgrade to Kewlmates Premium where they will have the ability to create and share unlimited content as well as earning an easy and entirely passive income.

Kewlmates also offers a facility called Kewlmates Partners in which publishers can earn multiple incomes using their Kewlmates profile. Publishers can join affiliate programmes and keep their information up to date on Kewlmates’ mini partner site. They can then add monitized widgets to their profiles and dashboards which are activated by inserting their partner ID in their profile information.

They then receive a wide variety of benefits ranging from income generation to advertising and promotion, whenever they or their visitors use the services offered on their profiles. Publishers can then use the Kewlmates contact and lead invitation tools to attract prospects to their profiles.

So remember, you heard it here at Young Academic first – the only website you need for all your student news.

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