Young Academic Delighted to Announce Partnership with Wok and Go

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As you guys are well aware, here at Young Academic we are committed to bringing you all of the latest education news, student news and entertainment articles as well as career guides and exam advice. But this aside, what is the most important thing to students? Apart from beer obviously! It is of course food!

Students are famous for their typically awful diets, with many young academics living off nothing but post night out takeaway, greasy spoons and no frills supermarket grub. Up step Wok and Go.

The franchise has grown from strength to strength since its inception just a few years ago and represents the most nutritious, affordable and tasty choice for students in Chester and indeed the rest of the UK.

With noodle bars flourishing in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester and new outlets popping up all across the country – Wok and Go is quickly becoming a phenomenon…

As the nation’s premier source of student news, we thought it prudent to team up with Wok and Go to make sure you don’t miss a trick when it comes to news, offers and promotions from these guys. We will also be profiling many of the noodle kitchen’s top dishes and be giving you the chance to discuss your favourites. We’re absolutely hooked and pretty sure you will be too, why not check out the menu and order now by clicking this link?

So, make sure you head over to the Wok and Go tab here at Young Academic whenever you are peckish to find our latest updates and news.

As an extra treat, we can also give you a fantastic discount as a result of Young Academic and Wok and Go’s recent collaboration. All you have to do is take a print out of this story, or any of our other Wok and Go articles and quote the promo code WOK12 to receive a fantastic 20% off your order as well as a free bag of tasty prawn crackers! What are you waiting for? Click that print button!

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  2. You have proved yourself young Charles, and fufilled thy childhood ambition. Congratualtions.
    Jammer (James Tyler)

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