Will the Amy Winehouse Trademark Fashion Style be Missed as Much as her Music?

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Famous for her beehive and unique music, Amy Winehouse will be sorely missed by music and fashions fans alike.  With her death, comes the sad realisation that her talent has been lost forever.  Young Academic looks at the fashion contribution of the Back to Black singer after her tragic death over the weekend in essential student fashion news.

Amy Winehouse was tragically found dead in her London home on Saturday 23rd July at the age of 27.  Although some did not understand the appeal of her style statements, others relished in them.  Inspiring fans and fashion designers alike, Amy Winehouse wooed with her love for 1960s style.

Rarely seen in anything other than her 60’s style dresses, shorts and playsuits, Amy Winehouse had her look down to a t.  She was recognised for her big hair and thick black eyeliner.  This trademark look was one that Karl Lagerfield of Chanel used in many of his catwalk shows as well as inspiration for some of his signature pieces.

Amy Winehouse was a free spirit and this was reflected in both her music and attire.  She gave her fans what they wanted with her dramatic style and husky voice.  Unlike many modern day artists, Amy Winehouse always looked herself: her style remained throughout her career.

Despite her imperfections, Amy Winehouse gave back to the fashion world as much as she got from it.  She had enjoyed a successful design collaboration with British fashion company, Fred Perry.  Famous for its iconic logo and polo shirts, Amy worked with the brand on several occasions.

The singer first collaborated with Fred Perry in October 2010 where a number of signature polo shirts and pencil skirts were designed and put on sale to the general public based on her trademark style.  It has recently been revealed that there are three collections yet to be seen by the public and it’s unknown whether the collection will ever go on sale.  Whilst fans are hoping for Fred Perry to release the collections, there are worries over the distress it could cause for the family.

The brand issued a statement regarding the late Amy Winehouse saying; ‘We had a great working and personal relationship with Amy during the design and development of the collaboration. Amy’s unique sense of style and attitude pervaded the entire collection. She was a pleasure to work with and will be deeply missed by the entire Fred Perry team.’

With such a unique style, there won’t be another like her.  Amy Winehouse will be missed.

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