Why Students Should Ignore the Myths of Hostels


Hostels offer cheap accommodation and are ideal for young people and travellers, but there’s plenty of incorrect assumptions people have about staying at a hostel. From being insecure to dirty, not everything you hear about hostels are true.

Sleep Eat Love have provided a summary of the top incorrect hostel myths and why this type of accommodation is perfect for students.

The Top Myths About Hostels

Hostels may get a bad reputation, but a lot of the negativity is based on assumptions and myths. The truth is the polar opposite to what many believe. Hostels are not only cheap, but they are safe, provide a unique experience and can be very rewarding.

 Safety is absolutely one of the most common worries people have when thinking about hostel accommodation. The mere thought of sleeping in close proximity to a complete stranger can be harrowing. Thoughts such as this are really caused by rare horror stories and assumptions about the situation. Hostels will usually have their own 24-hour security and reception teams, and ensure the building is equipped with secured entry and exit systems. When it comes to personal belongings, guests will often have their own secured lockers and deposit boxes. Many hostels offer private rooms for those who would prefer this, or you could even book a dormitory-style room with a group that you know. Hostels are fantastic when you make the most of the communal experiences, but there’s still plenty of options for you to guarantee the privacy you would rather have.

As for cleanliness, while you can’t expect the service of a luxury hotel, staff are still there to keep the place clean and in the condition you expect. Guests may be expected to clean for themselves where appropriate, and you may get the odd messy guest, but the hostel won’t be left in a fifth. Likewise, hostels do have their own rules and can kick out any guests who are not complying. For instance, some people think that hostels are the scene of lively 24/7 parties. While some hostels may market a party atmosphere as their mantra, others will be stricter and may even operate a quiet time restriction. With that in mind, hostels aren’t just for young people. Travellers of all ages may opt for this over a hotel, including families and old couples.

Hostels are cheap but that doesn’t mean they have to feel that way. You may not get daily housekeeping, five-star accommodation or access to premium amenities, but this isn’t just a place to sleep for the night. Hostels will have several features that keep guests entertained and encourage people from all over the world to come together and socialise. It is a truly unique and quirky experience. That’s why many travellers prefer to book a hostel, even if their budget could have been spent on a luxury hotel.

Why Hostels Are Suitable for Students

It’s clear that whenever someone thinks about the main benefit of a hostel, the first thing that comes to mind is the low cost. While this is definitely an important advantage, it’s only a small part of the bigger picture. Students are naturally tight on budget, but there are several reasons why they may wish to consider hostel accommodation. There is the opportunity to mingle with strangers from all walks of life and potentially make new friends. Plus, with several communal activities such as games rooms and open kitchens, there’s plenty of room for entertainment and learning.

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