What Effect is Tumblr Having on Personal Style?

Is Tumblr Killing Personal Style? - These Stylish Streets
This week, Rachel, our student fashion editor and writer of blog These Stylish Streets, questioned where Tumblr sits within the world of fashion and discussed the effects it is having on personal style.  Are the advances in social media and a blogger’s thirst for recognition in fact killing style?

Social media in 2013 allows fashion bloggers the world over a chance to grab the microphone.  Consumers become the voice as well as amateur stylists, street style photographers and an inspiration to their readers.  And this power handed to them by their so-called fans is being utilised in the wrong fashion altogether.

Where a photograph was once used as inspiration, now it seems fashion bloggers are using social media sites like Tumblr for self-recognition.  The only thing that now seems to matter is how many times a photo is reblogged and how many followers a certain blogger has.

It was only too clear from last season’s London Fashion Week that fashion bloggers cared more for lapping up the street style photos than they did for watching a runway show.  Suzy Menkes’ The Circus of Fashion article which was criticised by bloggers the world over highlighted the fact that many fashion bloggers dress up like peacocks for the cameras, whether it’s their usual style or not.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of these bloggers are fishing for compliments.  Reblogs and likes are the online compliment of 2013.  Some fashion bloggers have become celebrities in their own right, the new reality stars, who leave an impact on everyone that is inspired by their blog but are readers being inspired for the right reasons?

Fashion is boring without style and what is style without context.  A denim jacket in a magazine is nothing but denim and stitches without its context.  People and indeed fashion bloggers are the hangers to these clothes, when someone wears them they immediately mean something.  The question is how inspiring these bloggers can be when their blog is filled with posts of them standing next to their bed or beside their kitchen counter?

Remember when people used to live first and dress second?  These days, bloggers are dressing for vote’s sake.  And by votes, we mean reblogs.

Personal style and even street style blogs are so contrived, contrived by bloggers who are looking to monetise off boring post after boring post.  Whatever happened to personality?

Avid readers of street style blogs will know that Scott Schuman is a God when it comes to capturing a moment.  The average street style photograph is taken out of context, printed in magazines, posted online and ultimately, reblogged and reblogged until every inch of personality is sucked out of it.

In a world where social media is becoming ever dominant, the landscape is changing.  Personal style blogs without the personality are just fashion blogs.  Fashion is boring.

Read Rachel’s full piece over on These Stylish Streets.  Just click here.

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