UEL Celebrates Unprecedented Fashion Industry Success

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Young Academic can bring you some great education news today, especially for students at UEL. The University of East London’s School of Arts and Digital Industries celebrated the success of its fashion industry placement programme yesterday with an event at the University’s fashion school.

The event featured speakers from some of the industry’s biggest companies, including Diesel and Hallett Retail, alongside an opportunity for students looking for internships this academic year to meet the professionals who they hope will give them their first foot in the door of this highly competitive industry.

Students returning from their placements also spoke at the event about the highlights of their experience, while an exhibition in the University’s gallery space was designed to give a glimpse into a ‘day in the life’ of a fashion industry placement student.

Last year UEL achieved its highest ever placement of students in the fashion industry, with 46 students compared to just 11 in the previous year, landing roles, over half of these were non-design placements, reflecting the current diversity of roles in the industry.

Bethan Alexander, Senior Lecturer in Fashion, who organised the event, said: “If you’re serious about making a career in the fashion industry then to get some industry experience behind you is priceless. We’ve worked hard to build relationships with fashion industry professionals to ensure as many of our students as possible get that opportunity”.

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