UcasTv Get 19,000 Hits During First Week of Relaunch

Young Academic has an exciting piece of student news for you this afternoon folks with the relaunch of UCAS TV. Fresher’s week is now upon us and this platform could provide the perfect window on to student life in the United Kingdom.

What is Freshers’ Week really like? How do I write a personal statement that won’t let me down? Which university course should I choose?

For help with all these questions, try watching UCAStv (www.UCAS.tv) which has notched up 19,000 hits in the first week of its relaunch.

Finding relevant videos on the website, then sharing them via Facebook and Twitter is now much easier, thanks to a redesign that reflects the power of social media.

Beth Hayes, UCAS online experience executive, said: “There’s a lot to get to grips with when applying to university. Our short videos cover key parts of the process, like how to complete an application or replying to offers.

“The redesigned site and player allows videos to be embedded and shared via social media, so if someone finds a film useful, they can send it to friends. This way we’re getting the right information to the people who need it.

“As well as how-to guides, there are case studies from people in their first-year of study. For many prospective students, nothing beats hearing about the experience from people who have been there and done it.”

One of the major developments is the customisable video player, enabling clips to be embedded into other sites.

Viewers can comment on specific videos and recommend content through social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The site is now split into three channels – UCAS, GTTR (Graduate Teacher Training Registry) and Events -making it easier to track down relevant videos.

Some videos are accessed through playlists, which cater not only to people applying to university and college but parents, advisers and HE staff too. The site also displays the latest and most-viewed videos, in a simple format.

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