Topshop Launches New Student App with SCVNGR


Congratulations to all university students-to-be who recently found out they got on their university courses.  At Young Academic, we’ve been getting prepared for another busy academic year and look to bring you the latest in student news as well essential music, events and fashion news in the build up to September.  The latest to grab our attention is the recent partnership between student fave, Topshop and digital pioneers, SCVNGR.

Night out after night out, fancy dress parties, student discounts, spending all day in bed with your new best mate – whatever it is that you’re looking forward to, university is definitely going to give you a lifetime of memories as well as a hole in your pocket (but we’ll worry about that bit later!)

This Autumn, Topshop is collaborating with digital pioneer SCVNGR to create a new and exciting student campaign aimed at saving you guys a bit of extra cash.  Topshop has long been recognised on the high street as one of the gang for student shopping and it seems that now it is cementing its position as the most digitally engaged fashion brand too.

From 5th September and just in time for the start of the new year, Topshop will launch a bespoke SCVNGR game app available on smartphones which will challenge students to complete certain tasks.  Completing tasks and games will earn students rewards and exclusive offers to be used in store.

So, how does it work?  Anyone within a 500m radius of any Topshop store in the country can play the game as long as they’re in possession of the app, of course!  The game works on a points system whereby players can choose the reward they wish to play for.  Each reward will be worth a different amount of points and to earn the points, players must complete various tasks.

The fashion themed challenges will be different to anything else that has been offered before and will challenge students to work for their rewards.  Activities include snapping a photo of the your favourite ‘back to college’ outfit at Topshop or telling SCVNGR which item of clothing most represents certain trends for this season.

Rewards include a 20% in store discount and entry into a competition with a £500 shopping spree up for grabs.

Topshop has always prided itself on being number one.  Topshop was the first high street store to live stream its own catwalk show, the first to launch its own blog and is the most popular high street store on Facebook and Twitter.  Thanks to this new collaboration, Topshop can now proudly call itself the most digitally engaged high street store as well.  Plus, there’s more to come in the form of a mobile shopping site and Topshop Tumblr.

Seth Priebatsch, CEO of SCVNGR, comments: “Topshop has established a fun, unique and popular brand identity over the years and SCVNGR’s game engine enables Topshop to convey this image through custom scripted challenges whilst inviting consumers to browse its collections. We are thrilled to be launching with such an iconic company as our first challenges and rewards retail brand campaign outside of North America.”

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