Top Tips for Student Cyclists in 2015

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Over 600,000 students ascend on new cities and towns every academic year, along with their vehicles of choice. With students often being fairly concerned with the environment, many of these students choose to use a bicycle when at University, as opposed to carbon emitting cars. As such, we have put together a few pointers for students the bear in mind when using their bike at University or college.

Stay Safe

Safety is perhaps the most crucial thing to bear in mind when using you bicycle at university. This is especially the case if you are studying in a particularly urban area, as cyclists tend to stand no chance against lorries and such like. Please ensure that you are wearing a helmet and take a look at the Highway Code to make double sure you are aware of all the latest safety rules.

Buy a Quality Bike

Lots of accidents are caused due to mechanical faults. Whether this is the drivers of faulty cars or cheap bikes, making sure your vehicle is in tip top condition is of paramount importance. Although it may seem tempting to grab a second hand bike from Freecycle or somewhere similar, it makes far more sense to get a quality mountain bike or road bike from a trusted retailer.

Ride in Groups

If you have several friends at university, why not cycle together? Although it is a cliché, the phrase safety in numbers is very true when it comes to road safety. This can also be a lot more fun than cycling around on your own, especially if you are travelling to somewhere nice and picturesque. You never know, you could even become enthusiasts and end up doing some longer rides. There are all sorts of places in the UK simply perfect for bike rides.

Follow these steps and cycling at university could well become a pleasure as opposed to a chore. You will save yourself a fortune on petrol and also be able to rest assured that you are doing your bit for the environment.

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