The Ultimate Christmas Wardrobe on a Student Budget

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With reports of snow coming in thick and fast, it’s no wonder we’re all reaching for our winter woollies this month.  Christmas is just around the corner so here at Young Academic HQ, we put together a guide to this season’s fashion trends so you get it bang on trend for every Christmas meal and night on the town and don’t worry, we’ve found some student fashion budget friendly bargains too!

Bright lollipop colours, Forties glamour, tartan and fur – this season has had it all but with Christmas fast approaching we thought it only right that we had a shop round to find some key pieces for this month.  Cue the garish Christmas jumper, the bobble hat and a flood of sequins and glitter.

[right_image link=”URL-HERE”] https://www.youngacademic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/firetrap-fluffy-earmuffs-19.9i9-NL.jpg [/right_image]

It may not have hit subzero yet but that doesn’t mean us girls aren’t fumbling for fluff and fur to keep us warm.  The plummeting temperatures have prompted us to go out on a full blown search for all things cosy.  Forget Christmas present shopping, we need warmth.

The cold temperatures have sparked an obsession with faux fur and feathers.  Shelves are packed full of furry gilets and feathery hats, making the most bracing of mornings more bearable.  Velvets are making a comeback this Christmas too and it comes in all forms: leggings, skirts, trousers, you name it, the shops have got it.

[left_image link=”URL-HERE”] https://www.youngacademic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/grey-faux-fur-collar-coat-£95-RI.jpg [/left_image]

A key feature in everyone’s wardrobes this winter must, of course, be a winter coat.  It is essential to find the perfect coat, after all, this is probably going to be the most worn outfit in your wardrobe in the coming months.  Finding the perfect coat is however completely dependent on your style.  Supersized jackets and overcoats were popular on the runways for AW’11 and it seems the tailored look is here to stay. Keeping out the cold in style this season are those who found a wear-with-everything affair, beautifully tailored and belted around the waist.

When it comes to the perfect party outfit this season, there are no rules.  Of course, the shops are filled with the obligatory sequined ensembles but that doesn’t mean we can’t experiment and create our own festive outfits.

[right_image link=”URL-HERE”] https://www.youngacademic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Teal-Crystal-Droplet-Dress-£75-MS.jpg [/right_image]

Scouring the popular high street stores websites, we found hundreds of dresses and skirts fit for a festive feast or a champagne filled evening.  Of course, sparkle and glitter is always going to go down well amongst our festive lovers but for those of you that prefer an understated look, there are plenty of items that will take your fancy.  Heels and skinny jeans matched with statement jewellery and bright nails is one outfit that is set to take the fashion world by storm this season, as is the brightly coloured, figure hugging dress.

Not just reserved for Grandpas and scenesters, the Christmas jumper makes a return this month.  Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a giant reindeer head or Christmas pudding plastered to your chest.

[left_image link=”URL-HERE”] https://www.youngacademic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Knitted-Burgundy-Reindeer-Jumper-£48.jpg [/left_image]

With less than a month until we’re all chucking Bloody Marys and mince pies down our necks, it’s about time we embraced these novelty knits.   In fact, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to patterned jumpers.  Whether you fancy a sequined number or big, bold print, there is plenty of choice.  Make a fashion statement and match your knit to a pair of super skinnies for the ultimate Christmas look.

Have you got your Christmas outfit planned?  We want to hear all about it.  Why not send in your take on the festive fashion trends of 2011 to [email protected]  Follow our tweets at @youngacademic or sign up to our RSS feeds for the latest student and education news.  Oh, and Merry Christmas kids!

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