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Young Academic has an inspirational feature for you today, particularly for any students looking to build a career in photography and design. Woolhouse Studios have been twisting expectations and creating iconic images for the music, editorial and advertising world since its formation just two.

Working as a collective of thirteen world famous photographers, illustrators, Adobe wizards, stylists and brand designers under the passionate leadership of model-turned-studio-manager Emma J, they all share a lust for perfectionism in their craft and in servicing clients’ needs.

“Working with artist sometimes feels like a very intense brief love affair that comes from a share of energy, harmony, the breaking down of barriers and trust to push the boundaries and try something new.” Emma J

Woolhouse’s project alumnus speaks for itself. Ranging from beautifully lit press shots to the complex artwork of campaigns and album, delighted clients have included The Prodigy, Nike, Adidas, Defected In The House, Chris Lake, Space Ibiza, Shapeshifters, Channel 4, Bang & Olufsen, Channel 4, BBC, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Mixmag, DJ Magazine, Sony Deconstruction and many more.

What sets Woolhouse apart from its competitors?

“We understand the need to connect press shots to music videos, to social media ad live shows.  We consider the complete picture, which is often why the projects we work on involve the entire package or considerations to the artist branding. Our Press Shots are all taken with a clear understanding of the desire and need for clean, eye-catching original looking photography. Our in-house design team has the capability to take an image into another stratosphere of look, design and feel. Our Adobe wizards are always on hand to wave their magic wand and turn any photograph into something truly special and memorable. We don’t rely on gimmicks. We rely on our expertise and experience. We are lighting and retouching experts, coupled with fantastic styling,” says Emma J.
Working with artist sometimes feels like a very intense brief love affair that comes from a share of energy, harmony, the breaking down of barriers and trust to push the boundaries and try something new. There has to be an understanding between both parties to work together well,” she continues

On taking a client brief, Emma assembles a team from her arsenal of talent. Each member brings their own skill set to the mix and their personalities seamlessly blend, each bringing something unique to the requirement.

A great example of a hero shot at the Woolhouse Studios is The Prodigy’s Loaded magazine feature. Here the band had glass bottles smashed over their heads! A fantastic example of a killer image, creating a talking point and a memorable piece of branding.

And the vision for this studio? To get bigger and badder!’ says Emma.

Woolhouse has recently broadened its offering to include App creation and has been working with rock bands such as The Hounds and The Howling.

As black sheep go, this one is constantly raising the bar.

Woolhouse certainly seems to be a studio to look out for, to check out their work in more detail make sure you head straight over to http://www.woolhousestudios.co.uk/. Make sure you keep up to date with all the Young Academic student news, enterainment updates and of course, the Ultimate Festival Guide, by following @youngacademic.

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