Students Given the Chance to Enhance Their Viewing Experience with Courvoisier

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If your student house is anything like ours used to be, then having a fab television on which to play the latest version of FIFA or Call of Duty on is of paramount importance. Many students choose to chip in and buy a widescreen between them but this can often cause problems at the end of the academic year. Well luckily for you, Young Academic has found another great student competition for you in which you can get rid of your old 2D TV set.


Students at Middlesex University Create Bird Sized Camera to Save Soldiers’ Lives

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Young Academic can reveal that a team of engineers from Middlesex University have developed the UK’s first lightweight outdoor flying video camera. The device can fit into a soldiers backpack and has the potential to save the lives of British troops in action across the globe. This is surely great student news for everyone involved at Middlesex University and a great testament to all their hard work and endeavour.


Facebook Takes it First Step Towards Live Premiership Football

football on facebook

Facebook has taken the next step in its bid for world domination with its announcement that it is to stream its first live professional football match. Young Academic has learnt that the social networking platform will demonstrate its growing social power following the revelation earlier in the week that students across the country will soon be able to rent movies using the website.


Google Maps Just One of the Mediums Used to Portray the Violence of the London Riots

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Since the London riots started late on Saturday night, journalists, reporters and bloggers across the country have been using a plethora of media tools to share their thoughts on what has been a gruelling three days for the country’s capital. Young Academic has been careful to ensure that we continue to bring you all the usual student news and education news that you know and love but we feel that the efforts of a blogger by the name of James Cridland deserve a mention.


September Launch of iPhone 5 Back on Track?

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Further to yesterday’s Young Academic report on the latest student news topic to emerge, the battle between the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3, we have been made aware of some important developments. I t has been hinted that any students looking to get their brand new iPhone 5 handset before the start of the academic year could have been left disappointed as the release had been put back to late October. However, today’s reports actually suggest that a release date in September may be more accurate.


iPhone 5 or iPad 3 – The Latest Student Dilemma

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As the academic year fast approaches, students across the United Kingdom will be starting to get kitted out. Freshers will be out buying their first kettles, bedding and microwaves and older students will no doubt be arranging their digs and stocking up for a fortnight of boozing. A big dilemma for students out there keen on their technology may however be the choice between two of Apple’s forthcoming gadgets – the iPhone 5 or the iPad 3? In the latest student news colums, Charles Whitworth explores which device will reign supreme.


GadgIT-Mat Set to Revolutionise the Way Students Use Their Computers

Young Academic can bring you news of a gadget that is sure to make the lives of students significantly easier. How many times have you been crammed into a seminar or lecture with your laptop and struggled away with your tiny trackpad? Well the ingenious GadgIT-Mat will enable you to get all the benefits of a proper mouse, wherever you are. This crafty gadget will be available from June 10th and we are most definitely of the opinion that it is set to become one of the pinnacles of student technology for 2011.


Have Sony and Apple Joined Forces to Create a Unique Online Music Subscription Service?

An interesting student news report for you today as rumours that Apple and Sony have collaborated to form a unique music subscription service gather pace. Sony’s Worldwide Developers Conference is less than three weeks away and the news that they may have joined with up with Apple to allow iTunes users to use their content will hardly disappoint members. This could mean a brave new world of digital media for any students out there that like to download their music.


Organise your digital data | Young Academic Technology

Young Academic has discovered that DAD Solutions Limited has launched DAD, a new software application designed to address the 21st century challenge of digital disorganisation. With students across the country today holding record levels of data on their computers, users will be able to organise, store, reuse, share and manage their digital assets. This can be easily and securely performed from a single platform, creating a much-improved user experience and home or remote network.