Touchscreen Technology For Enhancing Education

touchscreen technology

Education has advanced a great deal since the days of chalk on blackboard. Nowadays, modern schools are making the transition from whiteboards and projector screens to more responsive, adaptive technology. …

Microsoft Wants to Seduce Women into the Tech-World


Recently, Microsoft unveiled two new categories in the Imagine Cup, which focus on how technology can directly affect women’s issues in the world. The company’s annual student technology competition allows youth worldwide to use Microsoft technologies to create products that address and combat social issues.


Edinburgh Student Releases Meningitis and Septicaemia iPhone App


Young Academic has been made aware of a great piece of technology that has been developed by none other than a student from Northern Ireland. The application, which is also a fun game has been created by medical student and Games Artist Ciléin Kearns from Derry and its purpose is to raise awareness of meningitis and septicaemia.


Students To Save Up To 40% On Resources With CourseSmart eCommerce Platform


Young Academic can bring fantastic news for students around the United Kingdom as they can now save up to 40% with rental access to all of their university and college textbooks. As the UK’s number one source of relevant education news, we really can’t extol the virtues of this service enough as it could help to alleviate the deficit felt following the rises in fees and other student expenses.


UcasTv Get 19,000 Hits During First Week of Relaunch

Young Academic has an exciting piece of student news for you this afternoon folks with the relaunch of UCAS TV. Fresher’s week is now upon us and this platform could provide the perfect window on to student life in the United Kingdom.