Students Urged to Steer Clear of Designer Drug Roflcoptr

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Students across the United Kingdom have been encouraged to stay well away from the latest chemical substance to hit the streets. The last few years has seen a number of compounds such as M-cat and Krokodyl become readily available but doctors are quick to point out that no research has been done on Roflcoptr (aka Mket).

Users of a the new legal high known as are being also being warned about possible unknown long-term dangers of powder, which is said to have an effect similar to that of horse tranquiliser Ketamine.

This issue has already been covered in such publications as NME, following a report in the current issue of dance magazine Mixmag. Users of the drug, which comes in familiar white powder form, have described feelings of warmth and enlightenment and also hallucination. Much like the aforementioned previous legal compounds, Mket can be bought legally over the internet however it is warned that it is not for human consumption.

Dr Valerie Curran, a Psychopharmacolgist at University College London, had the following to say of the latest legal high phenomenon; “People are playing Russian roulette when they take something like this, because there’s been no research on its effects.”

Readers of Mixmag will have also learnt of the drug’s case study, Jeremy. He remembers watching a snow-filled Kate Bush video.

“I was in the video, actually inside the frame. I forgot where I was, what I was listening to, everything. I was that snowman, and I’m not usually prone to hallucinations. I don’t even like Kate Bush.” He described.

Rather more darkly, another user of Roflcoptr went on to comment: “We were on it at Glastonbury. When a mate shat himself, rather than take the piss out of him, we were just really understanding.” Hardly a great advert!

Young Academic obviously recommends that you all stay away from all recreational drugs but with this products unknown side effects or damaging properties, we really do implore you to approach this one with great caution.

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