Students Steal Fashion Inspiration from Friends Rather than Celebrities

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When it comes to fashion, finding new ways to express ourselves is key.  Timeless classics or bang on trend, whatever the style, people will dress according to their personal tastes.  It has come to the light this week that rather than taking fashion inspiration from celebrities, young women are now choosing to copy friends and even strangers when buying a new outfit.

There has been plenty of controversy in the fashion world over the last decade.  What with size zero models, the fight for plus size models and children being sexualised it is no wonder that students are looking to their friends rather than the modelling world for inspiration.  Well, that and the fact that most of us have no money to spend on clothes that cost thousands of pounds!

The concept of the ‘perfect body’ and the unattainable body image in the model world is taking its toll or so it seems on the general public.  Sure, we all like to look at modelling campaigns and watch runway shows with the eye-catching outfits and their ridiculously good looks but when it comes to dressing ourselves, the general public have stuck to attaining a look they really can achieve.

Experts have studied style and shopping habits of 2,000 women and found that most of the garments found in youngsters’ wardrobes today have been seen on friends first.  Unsurprisingly, two thirds of women have bought an item of clothing immediately after seeing their friends wearing it but despite this, one in ten have said they themselves would be annoyed if a friend bought something they already owned.

Work colleagues and strangers also rated higher on the inspiration list for students this season admitting that they have bought something after seeing someone else wearing it rather than because they have seen a model wearing it.

Half of all those asked admitted that they constantly compare themselves to their friends when it comes to fashion.  Peter Robinson, Group Head of Press at New Look commented:

“We all know women nab style ideas off celebrities but it seems the nation’s females should keep an eye on what their mates are up to the girl next door could be your latest style stalker.”

With winter upon us, Young Academic has a little treat up its sleeve in the form of the latest fashion trends on a student budget.  Keep your eyes peeled for the latest student fashion from the student portal by signing up to the RSS feeds or following our tweets @youngacademic!

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