Students Given the Chance to Enhance Their Viewing Experience with Courvoisier

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If your student house is anything like ours used to be, then having a fab television on which to play the latest version of FIFA or Call of Duty on is of paramount importance. Many students choose to chip in and buy a widescreen between them but this can often cause problems at the end of the academic year. Well luckily for you, Young Academic has found another great student competition for you in which you can get rid of your old 2D TV set.

Enter this competition today and you could end up as the envy of your friends come fresher’s week and spend those broke evenings watching films in style.

Whatever your reason for wanting a new state of the art 3-D television and entertainment system Courvoisier are here to upgrade your viewing experience this summer. Head over to the Courvoisier Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CourvoisierUK) and ‘Like’ it for more information and to enter the competition for your chance to win this fantastic prize…

In days gone by the festival drink du jour was warm lager in paper cups, possibly seasoned with a sprinkling of grass. 2011 is the year Courvoisier Punch aim to change all of this with appearances at several UK events and festivals including Secret Garden Party, Standon Calling & Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where we will be serving delicious Courvoisier Punch as an alternative to the norm.

Courvoisier has also partnered with Electro Swing pioneers, White Mink, to become the official drink of this new genre of music, contemporising 1920’s swing. White Mink with Courvoisier will be appearing across the UK at a number of world-renowned festivals, along with monthly events in London and Brighton until April 2012.

To find out about all of the above along with punch recipes and more, as well as the chance to win that 3D home entertainment system please visit CourvoisierUK on facebook. Be sure to make Young Academic your number one port of call this academic year – we will be on hand with all the student news, education news and campus profiles that any student needs!

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