Students Take Up To £3k’s worth of Belongings to College and University

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As Young Academic has been informed, students in the United Kingdom carry an average of £1,165 worth of gadgets with them every day.

A new survey published by Endsleigh, the number one student insurance provider, reveals that today’s student will take £2,652 worth of possessions with them to university. In addition, students are getting more tech savvy, with all students owning a computer, and expensive items carried on their person every day.

The survey, compiled by Endsleigh and the National Union of Students, revealed that 83% of students will be taking a laptop, a desktop computer (14%) and/or a tablet PC* (4%) to university for the start of the new term.

Endsleigh found that the average student carries many of their most expensive possessions with them every day, including items such as laptops, iPhones, MP3 players and digital cameras. As a result, students regularly have an average of £1,165 worth of gadgets on them – even excluding other popular items, such as jewellery, makeup, cash and credit cards.

Vicki O’Connell, Endsleigh spokesperson, said; “Students are more tech savvy than ever before, carrying a greater number of smartphones, digital cameras and laptops around with them every day. As lifestyles become more mobile the ‘must have’ items become more portable. Our research shows just how easily the value of your possessions accumulates.

“It’s important to remember that items which are lighter and smaller are also more prone to loss or theft and that’s why students are more likely to need to take advantage of insurance. We would encourage students not to rely on being covered by their parents’ policy. Often parents’ policies will not insure you for loss on the move, or in halls and shared houses unless you have a lock on your bedroom door and entry is forced. Claims made by a student would affect their parents no claims discount and the policy excess is also likely to be much higher on a parent policy.

“Arranging insurance specifically tailored to your lifestyle takes just a few minutes, but the benefits last an awful lot longer.”

Liam Burns, NUS President, said; “Moving away from home for the first time can mean taking a lot of valuable items with you, and the nature of higher education means students need regular access to expensive equipment such as laptops and cameras. Taking precautions against theft and damage can provide you with valuable peace of mind and ensure that you are not left out of pocket at a time when money can be particularly tight.”

Other popular possessions students take to university include:

MP3 players/iPods (64%)

Digital cameras (60%)

Hair straighteners (39%)

Games consoles (25%)

Sports equipment (including surfing and ski) (20%)

Bicycle (17%)

A fifth of students take a musical instrument to university, and these are the most expensive possession, with the average valuation worth £684.

Every student takes a mobile phone to university, with 59% taking smart phones such as iPhones or Blackberries. Many students take more than one mobile to uni to take advantage of cheap tariffs and deals.

The average student’s wardrobe is worth £542.

Endsleigh’s top tips to help students keep their possessions safe

Ensure that you check the security of your accommodation when you arrive and raise any safety concerns with the landlord/halls of residence immediately

Always make sure the doors and windows to your room/flat are locked when you leave

Make sure valuables are not left in full view if leaving them unattended any length of time

Try not to draw attention to valuable possessions when walking around the town or campus

Ensure you are covered by contents insurance that is specially tailored to students’ needs

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