Student News – TUC to warn against ‘a lost generation’ as Britain fights the recession

The TUC will this weekend warn against losing the current generation of young academics as Britain fights to come back from the worst recession on record. Young Academic has learnt that the organisations’ Assistant General Secretary will stand up for students and graduates across the country when she speaks at the ‘Future That Works’ rally in Manchester on Saturday.

Kay Carberry will warn this weekend that the opportunities of young people in the UK must not be sacrificed as the economy struggles to get back on its feet following the recent recession.

Speaking at A Future That Works – a rally in Manchester organised by the TUC in partnership with the NUS and UCU to protest against the impact of the cuts and the government’s austerity programme on young people – Kay Carberry is set to state; “We’re here to say loud and clear that we will not let young people pay the price for the government’s reckless gamble with the economy.

“In the City bankers are popping champagne corks and celebrating their bonuses. It’s business as usual for them, while young people up and down Britain are being forced to pick up the tab for a financial crisis and recession that they didn’t cause.

“Nearly one million young people are unemployed, with one in five young people now out of work.

“Educational maintenance allowances have been abolished, tuition fees raised, and successful back to work job schemes for young people abolished and replaced with inferior schemes. This adds up to lost opportunities and the risk of a lost generation.

“Last week we had new figures showing the highest unemployment rate for new graduates in more than a decade. Almost twice as many graduates are now out of work compared to before the recession.

“So far the government’s response has been to cut funding for the Young Person’s Guarantee, which supported unemployed young people including graduates. It’s been replaced with a scheme that offers eight weeks’ unpaid work experience – and it isn’t even available to university leavers.

“This is not the way to get Britain back to work after the recession. What we need for recovery is not spending cuts, not redundancies, and not young people out of education and out of work.

“We need investment in industry, in jobs and in skills. We need a strategy for growth. We need the rich to pay their taxes, not avoid paying their dues. We need a Robin Hood tax on financial transactions so that the big financial institutions help get us out of the mess they helped create.

“There is an alternative. That’s why the TUC is organising the March for the Alternative in London on Saturday 26 March.

“We will be marching to give a national voice to all the people out there who will be affected by the cuts. We’ll be demonstrating our opposition to the government’s policies – and we’ll be sending the message that there is a better way to get Britain back on its feet.

“Be there with us. We want this demonstration to be the biggest, boldest and best mobilisation in our history. All of us will come together to speak with one voice – to say no to these savage, unnecessary and ideological cuts.

“When it comes to fighting the cuts, we’re all in it together.”

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