Students Who Shirk Toilet Roll Run Drive Housemates Round the ‘U-Bend’

Research has unravelled that a certain shopping list essential is sending the nation’s students, quite literally, potty. As Young Academic can report, it is one of the student house issues that causes the most problems – see, it’s not all boring student news!

The UK’s leading student accommodation finding website, targeted 250,000 students to establish their number one peeve purchase, with 10% unanimously agreeing that the humble loo roll is a bummer to buy. The survey revealed that student households are regularly at loggerheads when they find themselves ‘out of stock’.

In a bid to paper over the cracks in at least one student household, launched a Facebook competition for one lucky student to win a year’s supply of toilet roll for their entire household. On average, Britons use 110 rolls per year, which at approximately 56p a roll amounts to just over £60.’s double ply generosity has saved a household of six students a hefty £360 – that’s a whopping 130 pints in the Students’ Union, 400 packets of spaghetti (the dish of choice for the UK’s students) or 560 tins of baked beans!

Phoebe Fisher, Classical Studies student at the University of Manchester, commented on her win: “When I received the initial email from, it really put a smile on my face as this is something my housemates and I fight about all the time. Coincidentally, I’d just been griping to a friend about the boys nicking all the loo roll so I immediately ‘liked’ it on Facebook. I never thought I would win but now I have, I’m delighted – it may not be the most glamorous prize but it’s still great and will hugely reduce frictions among us lot next year. Most students are up against it financially, and not having to worry about buying loo roll or hoarding it from each other means we can enjoy a treat now and again  – that in itself is worthy of a big thumbs up from me!”

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Simon Thompson, Managing Director of commented; “For many students, having to buy practical yet essential items for the household is a drag and in a lot of cases it seems a trip to the cinema or a few pints down the pub win out in favour of taking their turn to buy the household toilet roll supply – not a recipe for harmonious living arrangements, especially over a prolonged period. I wasn’t shocked that so many students agreed – student houses in my day were notoriously devoid of loo roll. My tip for students: hide a spare roll in your room for emergencies!”

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